Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, I know I've been MIA for a long time. A long, LONG time actually. I'm having trouble staying motivated with this whole blogging thing. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm forgetful. I forget a lot of things. I never know where my keys are, I put my Promethean pen down for two minutes and it's somehow lost for the next 30 minutes or until one of my students yells "Mrs. Hanson, I found your pen!," and I leave my coffee on the counter when I walk out the door. Now, this may sound a little nuts seeing my awesome blogging record, but I've started yet another blog. One for my everyday, random life. I'll share the link to that once I post something (HA!). 

Anyway, today is election day!!! That means we had in-service all day. while the students got to stay at home, or visit the polls with mom and dad. The good news is we had a mock election yesterday, so they were well educated on what an election is. We used these cards for our ballet (cute, huh? I can't take credit, though.)

And these were our results...Sorry it's so blurry, my board/projector is messed up and they haven't fixed it, yet!

I'm keeping this post nice and short, but I promise I am going to try to post more. I have a rough class this year, so am spending more time researching solutions for behavior issues :/. 

Happy election day! Go vote if you haven't (if your polls aren't closed, that is.)

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