Thursday, May 3, 2012

Countdown continues

This week has been slow. as. molasses!!! Thank goodness today is my Friday. I don't know about you, but I have a class full of chatterboxes, and these past couple of week their voices seem to be multiplying! Love 'em, but I'm taking a mental health  personal day tomorrow, anyway. ;) 

On Tuesday the lovely ladies that I work with threw me a bridal shower. This was definitely the highlight of my week. What girl doesn't like getting showered (haha) with gifts and eating chocolate cake?!

How cute is this cake?!

YES! We'll be drinking coffee in style. :)

Coasters that a lady at work painted for us! Love the creativity that went into making them!

All right...getting sidetracked. (You'll soon come to realize how random a lot of my posts are.)
I've been meaning to change our bulletin board in the hallway for quite some time (it still had Easter Eggs on it! ) Anyway, I saw a bulletin board similar to this one a long time ago, and decided to add some of my own touches to it! I don't have a close up of it, but on the flip flop it says "My favorite thing about Kindergarten was..." I also used pipe cleaners for the tops of the flip flops. I think they turned out cute! 

P.S I'm a tad of a perfectionist and a tad OCD (okay a HUGE perfectionist - I blame it on the fact I'm both a teacher AND a Virgo) I have one more student's flip flop to put up, so of course the two of the far right will have to be moved down and another will be placed above it to match the right side. Looking at it now I will also be moving the top one on the far right over a little too. Please tell me I'm not the only teacher like this!

Hope everyone has a Great Weekend! Chris has a race in Knoxville (Rev3 triathlon), so we will be traveling to Big Orange country (yuck!)